New Blockchain Integrates Bank and Payment Platforms

Metal Pay Blockchain Makes Banks and Payment Platforms Compatible

Metal Pay recently launched its new mainnet blockchain Proton. The new blockchain allows various payment platforms and banks to work together effortlessly. The blockchain is also compatible with digital assets.

Proton allows the transfer of funds, as well as digital assets, on various channels. The blockchain is a newly delegated proof-of-stake blockchain.

“It’s a Blockchain that’s integrated into your bank,” Metal Pay CEO Marshall Hayner said. “It’s a universal network for payments.” In the words of Hayner, once payment platforms integrate with Proton blockchain, customers can forward payments across-non native platforms.

Proton Encapsulates Compatibility

The general problem faced by various payment platforms is interacting with other platforms. Take, for example, e-wallets like PayPal and Payoneer often have these issues. It is almost impossible for someone with a Payoneer account to send money directly to someone with a PayPal account.

“The craziest part is that it doesn’t require anyone platform,” Hayner said. “What Proton is, is a highly scalable blockchain smart contracting platform, but what’s really different and unique about it is this concept of fiat funding sources and linked identity.”

proton blockchain

Using Name Instead Of Wallet Address

Metal pay mentions that users of the platforms that integrate with Proton’s blockchain can create an easy wallet that uses a verified name rather than crypto addresses. Their argument is that the addresses can be cumbersome and too long.

Bitcoin Millionaire, Erik Finman, has been close to the project, and he says, “although bitcoin involves really complicated address that nobody can remember, and that’s great for what it’s good for.”

Metal Pay provides an avenue for various number of payments packed into one location. “This allows you to link multiple funding sources from the blockchain itself,” Finman said of the Proton blockchain.”

According to Finman, Proton blockchain is the housing unit that brings all payments systems together. He also compared it to a decentralized Facebook login, saying, “But instead of it linking your social media profile information in a centralized way, this kind of links your funding sources in a decentralized way, so it’s just a very easy back end.”

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